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Home Delivery of Kona Coffee


100% Pure Kona Hand-Picked Organic Coffee Beans

From Our Single Sustainable Hawaiian Estate

Fresh Roasted and Shipped Directly To Your Coffee Cup


So you go to the store and pick up a bag of

Christmas candy -- and it says "truffles".


When you get home -- it just tastes like chocolate covered mints,

nothing special,

so you look at the ingredients...


Not a single word about "truffle" in the ingredients!


What does the

dictionary say?


It says any chocolate

candy thing can be called a

truffle -- whether it has any

truffles in it or not!


So when you see a bag of "Kona Coffee" priced too good to be true ...

Check it out and see if it SPECIFIES 100% Kona on the label

-- otherwise you may have an experience like our bag of "truffles" in this example,

it says "truffle" but none are in the bag!


Don't get misled...

By non special coffee!

Buy Kona Comfort

100% Kona Coffee Now!

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