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Coffee Delivered to Your Office


Wet Processed Handpicked Sun-Dried Organic Coffee

From Our Single Sustainable Hawaiian Estate

Fresh Roasted and Shipped To Your Home or Office


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Don't worry we include easy to understand instructions all included with your quote so you can

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Shipments do not go out every day. We try to avoid our coffee sitting in a post office or in your mailbox over

weekends. Some days are major holidays and mail will not move -- we will try to avoid situations like three day

postal weekends. During some high volume times we may have to ship regardless, such as during Holidays like

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Please allow time, your coffee will be in its prime and well worth your


Thanks (Mahalo)!


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Single Estate 100% Kona, 100% Certified Organic Coffee Produced

Hands On By Real Coffee Farmers Living on Sustainable Land on

Sacred Hawaiian Land.

Delicious Pure Kona Coffee that comes Direct from our Farm to Our

Customers with no Middle Man or Delays and So Always is in Fresh,

Prime Condition.

We offer automatic shipments to yourself or as gift subscriptions with

the most flexible options in the industry.

We exceed mere claims of "organic practices" by voluntarily subjecting

our farming and processing methods to the strict licensing

requirements to earn certification for our products each year.

We also raise the quality bar by processing only on our very own

Certified Organic Processing Equipment.

Quality control and attention to detail happens for Each Plant, Each

Order, Each Bag of Every Order, Each and Every Time for Each


The result is really easy to recognize when you taste the Exquisite,

Legitimate Kona Coffee flavor that we take great pleasure and pride in

Delivering to our happy customers year after year.


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