Our Hawaiian pineapples and sugar cane evolved into industries from popular demand

(buyers from off Island), just like Kona Coffee has done.

Unlike sugar or pineapple products that taste similar whether they are grown here or on another continent, the Distinctive

Taste Profile of Real 100% Kona Coffee cannot be duplicated, nor faked.

You can't even take the Kona Coffee Seeds and try to grow them away from this environment  -- won't work -- it won't taste

anything near what our REAL KONA COFFEE tastes like grown and processed here.

Coffees from other parts of the world or even other parts of Hawaii Will Not Come Close

To Our Unique Kona Flavor!

REAL KONA COFFEE comes from a very narrow band of land which amounts to 40 approximate square miles of area in the

North and South Kona districts of Hawaii (the "Big Island").

There is only so much of Kona Coffee that can be produced each year from that small fixed space which is also known as

"The Kona Coffee Belt".

With 40 square miles of land producing approximately 1.5 million pounds of coffee for the whole world, REAL KONA

COFFEE is rare and is not going to cost the same as Folgers.

When you see prices too good to be true

better drill down those ingredient details on the label:

"Look For And Accept ONLY 100% KONA COFFEE!

Most of us Deal Direct, sending out the Freshest Product Right To You the end

consumer or selling at our Local Farmer's Markets, just as you would with any Natural

Product From The Field.

When you buy 100% Kona Coffee from a Small Coffee Farmer like us you are getting

Real Kona Coffee at a Reasonable Price that filters down to living wages for everyone

involved with the coffee production.

Everyone is Connected and Receives Fees to Live on: the pickers, those who sell us our equipment, those who repair our

equipment, the businesses that sell us our fertilizers and supplies, the power company that sends us our electricity, the

testing companies that monitor our soil ph and nutrients, and lots of other people as well.

All the Kona Coffee We Farmers Can Grow We Can Sell....

We will have our businesses affected by good and bad weather, good and bad economies like any other industry. But our

product is forever limited in supply and all we take to market is made available for the end consumers!

Very few people will walk away from a cup of 100% Kona and not be very pleased with the experience! And the vast majority

once they have discovered the Kona Coffee Taste know exactly what you are talking about when you say "Kona Coffee"!

You will get Your Best Consistent Kona Coffee Product from a Normal Sized Kona Coffee Farm (sometimes this is called

Estate Coffee since it is one farmer in full control of his own land). Only this Dedicated Small Farmer can have the Time and

Hands On Ability and the Personal Interest to keep Quality a Top Priority In ALL THE PHASES OF PRODUCTION. We are

proud to be just such a farmer and it pleases us to provide an outstanding product to customers that appreciate it.

Only with Direct Shipments of Just Fresh Roasted Product from Us Small Kona Coffee

Farmers will you get your Peak Kona Coffee Experience.

Supporting Your Small Coffee Farmer

by Buying 100% Kona Comfort Coffee

"Carries Forward The Tradition of Kona Coffee

Farmers that Pioneered Our Industry",

and Provides YOU

with the BEST Product We Can Make...

"Kona Coffee" THE Best Coffee In The World!

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Pure and Organic Kona Coffee


100% Pure Kona Kosher Coffee Beans - A Small Farm Is A Better Farm

Farming With Your Legacy In Mind From Our Single Sustainable Hawaiian Farm

Full Service Fresh Roasted and Shipped Directly To Your Coffee Cup


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Important Info about Kona Coffee from Kona Comfort Coffee


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