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Organic Small Farm Kona Coffee


Green Kona Coffee Beans, Roasted Kona Coffee Beans

Non-GMO Processed With Age-Old Practices On Our Sustainable Hawaiian Farm

Cultivated Right at Our Home Fresh Roasted & Shipped Fast To Your Home


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●You are under no contract or obligation, you can change your order products,

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On top of that, EVERY repeat customer, no matter whether you join our

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You don't need to be a movie star, a rock star, a god like Zeus or a goddess like Athena to be able to afford and

enjoy our highest quality field grown organic Kona Coffee.

Regular folks who thought they had tasted good Kona Coffee are simply blown away when they get their first

whiff of a freshly roasted bag of our Kona Comfort Coffee. It is like a light bulb goes on for the first time:

"No wonder you are so enthusiatic, and what I've been buying and drinking before is many levels below

your product!"

...our customers tell us. And we work very hard to ensure each customer will have the same fabulous experience

with our Hawaiian Product each and every time they get their order!