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Crystal & Paul, from New York

-- recently took the time to

share their enjoyment of Kona

Comfort Coffee with you

folks..providing a hand written

letter & some pictures when

they recently visited the Big

Island and purchased our

coffee to drink during their

month long visit.

--Crystal's Photo Courtesy of



"I love a good cup of coffee

and Kona Comfort's coffee

lived up to Hawaii's

reputation. I brewed it nice

and strong and just mixed in

a little half and half and it

was perfect! Very rich and

smooth with a  nice

undertone of caramelization

it really stands up to the

cream without being bitter!

This was the best cup of

coffee I had on the island.

Crystal from New York"


Not too far away

(always nearby

Crystal) this is Paul,

who also enjoyed

his Kona Comfort

Coffee Break


--Paul's Photo

Courtesy of Crystal!


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