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World Known Kona Coffee


Affordable Kona Coffee that's Easy to Order

From Our Single Organic Estate in Hawaii

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Another circumstance where we have guests/customers who give us kind words about

both our Kona Comfort Vacation Rentals and Kona Comfort Coffee at the same time.

We get a lot of compliments but few find the time in their busy schedules to write us a

note, but when they do we really enjoy it and love to share those words with you here.


When we used to live on the mainland, we were stuck inside most of the time. Even when we left

from work, often it was in a closed up car. Sirens, all the time; we probably passed 2000 cars

most days just between home and our work and errands.

I'd guess we had "fresh air" (open windows) at our house less than a week a year! Sometimes

when we traveled we'd get to open up car windows -- and we always noticed and commented as

we went South how nice and fresh the air was compared to "the city".

Contrast that to how we live on the Big Island of Hawaii and how we operate our business here at

Kona Comfort.

No air conditioners here. Fresh air is all around us everywhere we go! We just step outside and

we are surrounded by high trees like the ohia so that in one direction our view is acres of plush

forests and in the opposite miles and miles of the South Kona coastline down toward Captain

Cook Bay and the City of Refuge.

We think this natural (spiritual?) environment seeps into our Kona Coffee. It is definitely special

and stands above any Kona Coffee we have ever tasted (and there's a lot we have tried).

If you'd like to see what our vacation rental guests have taken the time to say: <<CLICK HERE>>


<1    <2   More Testimonials   >4    >5    >6    >7


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