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World Renowned Kona Coffee


Inexpensive Kona Coffee (not cheap Kona Coffee) -- Convenient to Order

All From Our Single Sustainable Coffee Estate in Hawaii

Fresh Kona Coffee Delivery To Your Home or Office


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We also do vacation rentals, and sometimes guests also are our coffee customers.

These curious people happened to also come to the farm for a bit of a tour and learning

about Kona Organic Coffee from some first hand experience!

Nothing like fresh roasted Kona Comfort Coffee made right in front of your eyes!


Sometimes it takes our customers a few false starts with other coffee companies and brands. When

our customers finally do discover us and the fact that we offer a really quality product they often

communicate to let us know about their pleasure (and reorder as well).

Some go the extra step to send us kind letters & notes. These are just regular folks who love

excellent Kona Coffee and believe Organic Methods are the Best for the environment and our health.

As time permits we will share some (more) here on these pages with you.

We sincerely hope you'll want to experience our Organic Kona Coffee product and join these and

many other satisfied customers!

We love making these Products of Hawaii and we get so much satisfaction when our customers

mention their appreciation or write to tell us about it.  We'll find some more to put up "one of these

days" (a traditional Hawaiian style attitude: "I'll do it bumby!").

If you'd like to see what our vacation rental guests have taken the time to say: <<CLICK HERE>>


<1   More Testimonials    >3    >4   >5    >6    >7


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