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Da Best Organic Kona Coffee


Best Value Kona Coffee Farm-Direct

Peaberry Kona Beans, Peaberry Organic Coffee

We Sell Only Fresh Roasted Kona Coffee that is Shipped Directly To You


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Every once in a while we will share what our customers or other's have to say about us.

We value our good name -- we work hard to produce superior products at value prices.

When we receive good feedback this motivates us to keep on doing our best:

with each of the many steps involved to make our products, every time!


Well looky looky.

We knew we had a good label

-- even the manufacturer loves it...

they put it on their main entrance page at their website!


This came from an email to us, July 2008


More Testimonials   >2   >3    >4   >5    >6    >7