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100% Organic Kona Coffee


Highest Quality 100% Pure Kona Hand-Picked Organic Coffee Beans

The Best Place to Buy Your Kona Coffee On-Line!

When You Order We Fresh Roast And Ship Directly To Your Coffee Cup


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We hull your order with a machine from India designed to reveal the green coffee beans without splitting them.

We promptly roast the fresh green beans with our own commercial roaster locally designed by a Kona

Coffee Farmer for Kona Coffee Roasting. Other roasters may be more expensive but this one works perfectly

for our Kona Coffee each and every time, day in day out: it fits our Kona Coffee like a hand in a glove.

Coffee that sits gets stale, but not from us! While the beans are still warm --  we bag the fragrant roasted brown

beans into airtight foil sealed bags and then ship the fresh roasted organic Kona coffee right to you.

Quality from start to finish is what you want, deserve and get when you order from Kona Comfort Coffee.

How can you be sure you're getting the best organic Kona coffee?

  Our coffee beans all come from our own land, all unmixed with questionable crops from other farms.

  Each bag is processed here under our direct control, no secondary party management!

  We operate the farm ourselves, twelve months of the year: we are not absentee.

  We use traditional fermentation (with mountain rainwater no chlorine) followed by natural sun drying.

  Your coffee (before roasting) is cured AND kept protected in a climate controlled room,

when you order, then we fresh roast and ship it right out to you for your best enjoyment.

  Each person here is dedicated to and educated in strict organic practices, our compliance is certified.

  We don't "send out" our coffee for any step, it's never exposed to questionable handling by third parties.

We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

We "Roast No Beans Before Their Time, So Every Sip To You Is Sublime!"    THANK  YOU   and  Enjoy!

We distribute Kona Coffee, Broker Kona Coffee, Wholesale Kona Coffee at the right volumes.

Our shopping cart will process orders starting at six units giving wholesale price breaks to everybody.

Larger orders than 50 units, please contact for pricing.


Our prime organic Kona coffee can only be purchased directly from us.

Our farm provides you with the "Best Kona Coffee You Can Buy".

Kona Comfort "An Honest, Reliable & Affordable Organic Kona Coffee Source".

Only When You Order will we wake our sleeping organic coffee beans.

(Sleeping in a temperature & humidity controlled room.)


Kona Coffee is one of the rarest and best tasting coffees in the world!

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Shopping on-line you'll see attractive, easy options that let you get what you want, how you

want it, when you want it!

Like BULK-PAKS that let you order in multiples without the confusion of what will fit or what

the weight limits are for a bulk flat rate USPS box -- it is all easy & pre-figured for you!

Have a Vacation Rental, Need Favors for a Party, a Gift List you'd like to fill?

Our MULTI-PAKS will satisfy your multi unit needs & are soo fast to choose & get ordered!


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For FREE shipping product orders must total $100

USA, $250 Canada and Mexico, $400 Japan &

Other International Destinations.


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Organic Kona Coffee Farming Blog


100% Fresh -> 100% Grown Organic ->

-> 100% Processed Organic -> 100% Kona Coffee

Which You Can Order Fast And Secure On-Line  <<  CLICK TO ORDER  >> !

Our Internet Shoppers See Reduced Prices, &  Bargains in our On-Line Shopping Cart...

On-Line Shoppers Get Return Customer Discounts on Top of That!

On-line you can see your Shipping Charges (if any) and any taxes (for Hawaii buyers)...

BEFORE you need to enter any specific address or payment method details!

We don't "roast, store and hold" our coffee for orders (like so many others)...

You Order, THEN We Roast THEN We Ship!

Our order System Allows You To Select when you want your order to ship!

Want your coffee waiting for you when you arrive home from vacation?

Want to pre-order for a birthday, anniversary or holiday?

We remember your Order Instructions and will have Your Order Arriving to You WHEN YOU WANT IT!

A Top of The Line Product like Kona Coffee deserves to be coming to you ORGANIC.

You'll find folks who do it half way or part way or "their way"...

Some Farms grow it organic but then don't bother to process it organic...

We at Kona Comfort are Officially Licensed for both Growing and Processing Organically in Hawaii.


NOTHING IS SUBCONTRACTED, it's all 100% Under our Control.

(Often referred to as Estate Grown Kona Coffee) We Operate Only from This One Farm.

And Additionally (in our Farm's case) Your Coffee is Handled ONLY BY US HERE ON THE FARM!

If I wanted Prime Kona, I'd Know Enough to get My Kona Coffee from...

a Small Estate Farmer who Does All the Phases Themselves.

...And That's What We Proudly Deliver To Each of You --

100% Estate Processed Kona Coffee, ALL Handled HERE On-Site!

Kona Comfort IS Organic Kona Coffee The Way It Should Be Done!


Farm Certified

Organic by:


Kona Comfort Coffee Shipped Automatically To You

(As You Like .. On YOUR Schedule) !


We invite you to open an account with us and select any of our Coffee Clubs.

We give you all the choices YOU (our valued customers) asked for and need:

◊ How Much Coffee ◊   We allow you to order 1/2 pound at a time, a single pound each time, or multiple pounds 

per time  -- as you like for each auto coffee shipment.

◊ When to Start Sending ◊  We allow you to specify when in the future you want your club shipments to begin.

◊ Frequency and Week To Ship ◊  Monthly during the second week, every-other month during the first week --

we accomodate your schedule so you get your Kona Coffee When You Like It!

◊ Smaller Bags ◊   We give you the option to have your order broken into smaller sized bags.

◊ Vacation Holds, Holiday Holds ◊  Going to be away? -- just tell us to avoid any time period and then we resume

afterwards to "back to normal automatic coffee shipments".

◊ Follow Me Shipping ◊  Live in several places during the year? Want your coffee sent to you while you are

relocated from home? No problem -- just let us know where to ship and when -- and you got it!


To read more about our automatic shipments --> Press Here To Read More About Kona Comfort Coffee Clubs.


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